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THE MEDICAL ADHESIVE SPRAY YOU'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR At Ten Aces Med, it is our deep belief that everyone deserves to start, live & end every day filled with confidence. Our commitment to exceptional customer service, unparalleled product quality, & ongoing innovation ensures the best possible solutions for your adhesive needs.

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Discover the Ten Aces Med "Stick With Us" Difference. Our silicone based medical adhesive is designed to improve ostomy barrier wear time & may help reduce the chance of appliance leaks. With its advanced formula, our medical adhesive spray provides a superior bond that ensures a secure fit throughout your wear time. This means greater confidence & peace of mind for people living with an ostomy. Be confident & live free with the knowledge that the pouching system will stay in place during daily use cases & physical activity. By choosing "Stick With Us" medical adhesive spray, those living with an ostomy can experience extended wear time, fewer changes, & ultimately, a better quality of life. Trust Ten Aces Med LLC to make a real difference in your ostomy care routine. Stick With Us for reliability, comfort, & above all, confidence to be your best version of you.

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Ten Aces Med LLC is proud to announce our partnership with Medical Monks & Mercy Supply Collaborative. Two teams dedicated to providing the highest quality service to their customers & diligently strive to build meaningful relationships. At Medical Monks & MSC they act with compassion, patiently treating others with respect & dignity, & never waver in the responsibility they have to their customers. The focus of this commitment is to create positive outcomes for the good of those in need.​

The Ten Aces Med team looks forward to providing quality products &services with the ongoing support & care of the Medical Monks & Mercy Supply Collaborative. 

“A successful team functions as one cohesive unit. This ensures positive outcomes for those we serve”

Andrea Bago - President, Ten Aces Med LLC

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Instructions for use



Wait 5 min




Wait 5 min


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Ensure the skin is clean & dry.

Prepare the item you intend to adhere as you normally would. Ensure the skin is clean & dry. Shake well before use, Position spray nozzle from any angle in the direction of the surface intended for adhesion. 

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This product should not be sprayed on skin. It is not necessary in order for it to be effective.

Spray the surface evenly by depressing the nozzle in short bursts. This product should not be sprayed directly on skin. It is not necessary in order for it to be effective across all use cases.

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This step is important to ensure secure adhesion for your use case.

Allow the surface to dry for 5 minutes before applying to the surface of the skin. If desired, you may choose to apply a second coat at this time.

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Your product is ready for application.

Apply the product as you would normally. Let's get after the day!

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Ten Acs Med LLC

Established in 2022

Hi, I'm Andrea, founder of Ten Aces Med LLC. This journey began with a simple yet profound realization: the immense impact of how confidence can play a role in overall well-being. Drawing from my personal experience of marrying someone with an ostomy, I am deeply passionate about empowering others to unleash their full potential & bring their whole self to the world each & every day. That's why I founded Ten Aces Med – to redefine the paradigm of healthcare products & establish a new consumer focused branding standard for essential products in the medical device industry.
Our mission? To pioneer innovative, dependable medical adhesive solutions that prioritize comfort & peace of mind, while fostering a profound connection to the brand. A brand that empowers individuals to embrace their true self. We all deserve to feel confident in our actions & be present in the moment so we may connect with our experiences.
What sets us apart? Our unparallelled dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, & product performance. From ostomy care to wound dressing management, & support for various prosthetic applications, such as mastectomy forms, our product is meticulously designed to meet diverse needs with precision & care. As we chart our course forward, our vision remains unwavering: to create a community where everyone can embrace their fullest potential, & feel liberated from the challenges imposed by medical conditions. Together, we can nurture confidence & make a tangible differences – one ace at a time. So join us! Join us on this extraordinary voyage, & experience firsthand the difference Ten Aces Med can make in your routine. We know once you try our product you will "stick with us". Andrea Bago President Ten Aces Med LLC stickwithus@tenacesmed.com


 "Will purchase again. A+ experience. The adhesive spray is comparable to my discontinued spray adhesive I had trusted for years. I have been using the now discontinued spray adhesive since 1981 for ostomy care."

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We are here to help you!

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Is it necessary to use your medical adhesive spray on the entire item I wish to adhere?

You can spray it on the entire surface of the skin barrier or item you wish to adhere. If there are particular areas that are not adhering well, you can use it only in those specific areas to increase its adhesive properties.

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Can a second coat be applied?

Yes, if necessary, you can apply a second coat. Remember to wait five minutes for the second coat to dry before application.

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Will the adhesive be difficult to remove from the skin?

"Stick With Us" medical adhesive should come off easily when it is time to be removed. If needed, a medical adhesive remover spray or universal remover wipe can help with ease of removal. For prosthetic devices, clean thoroughly & allow to air dry prior to next application.

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What is the best way to spray the adhesive?

Hold can so that the nozzle faces the product to be sprayed. Spray in short bursts until the surface of the product is coated evenly. 360° technology allows you to hold the can in any direction during use.

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Can I spray it directly on my skin?

This product should not be sprayed directly on skin. It is not necessary in order for it to be effective across all use cases.

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Routine follow-up with your healthcare professional is recommended. Prior to use, be sure to read the Instructions For Use for information regarding Intended Use, Contraindications, Warnings, Precautions, and Instructions. The Ten Aces Med name is a trademarks of Ten Aces Med LLC. © 2024 Ten Aces Med LLC.